The blessing of black extract shines
your hair beautifully.

“Want to be beautiful forever.”
What we found is the pure “black” keeping shining.
Your hair starts shining by the blessing of black extract.
BLACK CRYSTAL is always by your side.


The blessing of black extract that
leads your hair into healthy
Blended Hematin

Hematin combines with keratin inside hair and then repairs sufficiently.
It conditions the environment of your scalp and gives the hair tension and elasticity.
Moreover BLACK CRYSTAL is blended “Fulvic acid” to keep good condition of your scalp.
This item hydrates your scalp and improves its condition.
It gives more moist and tension and keeps healthy condition.
And it’s excellent for anti-hairloss.


10 kinds of black extracts and
natural herbal essences

Black extracts , such as black sesame, burdock and charcoal, give tension and elasticity to your hair.
And they lead the hair into healthier.
Rich natural herbal essences, such as grapefruit, camphire and equisetum arvense, protect your hair and scalp and hydrate them.


Triple collagen
lead your hair into soft and elasticity.

3 different collagen that have high penetration and moisturizing power give your damaged hair full of moist.
Hydrating ingredients keep your hair softer, firmer and more pliable.


  • ブラッククリスタル ノンシリコン処方のアミノ酸系シャンプー



    Too strong cleansing power may have bad influence.
    BLACK CRYSTAL is amino acid shampoo which has moderate cleansing power.
    So it prevents your hair from damages, hair loss and dryness.

    ¥2,800(excluding tax)

  • ブラッククリスタル トリートメントV 髪が細い方やボリュームが気になる方におすすめのトリートメント



    This item is recommended to the persons who have fine hair and care about lack of tension and elasticity.
    Hydrolysis pea protein gives tension, firmness and moist like keratin.

    ¥1,800(excluding tax)

  • ブラッククリスタル トリートメントD 髪のパサつきやうねり、まとまりにくさが気になる方におすすめのトリートメント



    This item is recommended to the persons who care about unruly and dry hair.
    Inca Inchi oil is rare natural oil which is easy to apply to hair.
    It gives flexibility and collectability and lead your hair into full of shine.

    ¥1,800(excluding tax)


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